Quality_CoastQualityCoast is the largest international certification program for sustainable tourism destinations. Since 2007, more than 140 tourism destinations in 23 countries have been selected for a QualityCoast Award: coastal towns, resorts and islands.

If the Award score threshold is met, the jury will check whether the average scores of the individual categories (Nature, Environment, Identity, Tourism & Business and Host Community & Safety) reach a minimum of 8.0 ("excellence"). Applicants scoring '1' in two or more criteria will not be eligible for the QualityCoast Award, regardless the scores in the other criteria.

The destination can be awarded in Gold, Silver or Bronze.

In the assessment process, QualityCoast uses assessment tables and indicator sets as well as a methodology. We are a dynamic organisation and the indicator sets includes criteria from other organizations such as the Gobal Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), among others, thus they are obstacle to change. The methodology can change from year to year and is not aimed for self-preparation from a possible applicant.