Green Destinations provides a new global platform for ambitious destinations eager to improve their quality and sustainability, from their own strengths. With our Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR), we combine and connect the tools created by a.o. the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), QualityCoast, Quality-Destination. In international partnerships we cooperate with key players like DestiNet, ECOTRANS, TUI (NL), BookDifferent, and many more, allowing us – and you  – to make a difference.

We offer you a global approach that focuses on your local situation, on your challenges and ambitions. We will help you and your key stakeholders to develop a strategy for improvement. We suggest that every step towards sustainability should also increase your quality.

We have developed a global approach to quantify your destination in all possible ways: the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR). We have already applied it for 1000+ destinations. We enable you to apply this approach to make your ambitions realistic, and your progress measurable. And to compare yourself with your competitors.

Strong destinations rely on local stakeholders and entrepreneurs, who are encouraged to invest in quality and sustainability, as a basis for a strong local economy. Local profits should enhance local investment and local employment. Our quantitative approach will enable you to better compete with other destinations in your region or country – we help you choosing the benchmarks, and improving your performance. With our marketing partners we present your performance to a global audience.

 We will enable you to measure the progress you will make in an easy and affordable way, enabling your policy makers to report progress from year to year, and to take additional measures where necessary.

 We help you becoming a Green Destination, a global leader in sustainability and quality. Our cooperation with important players in the tourism industry can provide you with competitive advantage compared to other destinations.