EU Ecolabel was established by the European Commission and is the only environmental official label of all countries of the European Union. Within the segmentation of EU Ecolabel exists the certification for tourist accommodation services. This label is based on achieving a lower environmental impact in terms of use of materials, energy, water, hazardous substances, and recycling.

Green Partner is the only entity in the world authorized by the European Commission and, after a strict evaluation and control, to certify this label outside the borders of the European Union, giving the possibility to take your hotel, to the highest European standards in hotel sustainability.

The European Commission has referred the following environmental needs within the tourist accommodation services in Europe:

Tourism needs quality - Ecolabel helps achieve and maintain environmental quality. Also helps tourist accommodation services to optimize energy and water, reduce the amount of waste and chemicals, and provide local products and natural materials - resulting in lower costs and higher quality.

The European tourism needs sustainability - introducing the EU Ecolabel in the tourist accommodation service, contributes strongly to preserve tourism resources, providing clean water & air, intact nature and attractive landscape for guests.

Tourism needs strong and uniform standards across Europe - these standards are ensured by the European Ecolabel, and this is internationally recognized.

The European tourism needs staff with environmental training- employees and owners of tourist accommodation need more environmental training. Ecolabel not only improve the quality of tourism services and their offer, but will increase the opportunities for employees to achieve better positions and more skilled jobs. Europe needs a stronger environmental awareness - Ecolabel helps to raise awareness of environmental responsibility among employees and guests.

Green Partner is the only consulting company in the world, with the ability to guide a hotel to achieving the EU Ecolabel certification outside the European Union, with the support and collaboration of the European Commission and the Environmental Qualification Service of the General Direction of Environmental and Quality of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of Catalonia, Spain. With this label we are able to bring Chilean tourist accommodation services to the highest European standards.