Green Partner assists your hotel effectively during your journey to a green certification. You decide the kind of help that best fits your hotel. This depends on the time, resources and budget you are willing to invest in order to obtain your certification.

Our implementation advice is divided into three services:

  1.     Quick wins
  2.     Turnkey
  3.     Total concern

This service provides an effective way to assess the current level of sustainability of your hotel.

Green Partner performs an analysis of the current situation of the hotel, based on the requirements of the various certification programs. This analysis indicates the level of compliance that your hotel has versus the criteria for certification, giving us the input to generate a short-term action plan, with little or no investment. Based on this analysis, the baseline for the certification process is generated.

Your hotel determines, based on the result of this analysis, whether to implement the certification program autonomously or in collaboration with Green Partner.

With this service your hotel enables us to guide you through the entire implementation process of the certification.

The implementation of a certification program entails that the hotel should invest time, money and energy to achieve this goal, in addition to appoint staff to undertake this task, who is expected to interpret and implement the criteria and requirements of the programs professionally and effectively.

Our "turnkey service" saves you the time and the high risk of errors of interpretation and implementation, which results in frustration and considerable financial loss.

We can ensure that your sustainability policy is firmly anchored within the operation of the hotel, with a minimum demand of your time and work.

To ensure the maintenance of your certification, your hotel will be inspected in virtual or physical form, at least every two years, depending on the certification program that has been chosen. This entails that the hotel should invest time in the maintenance process of the certification.

Our service "Total Concern" will save you valuable time and Green Partner will become responsible for sustainability at your hotel. We can take care of:

  1.     Updating the certification criteria.
  2.     The contact between your hotel and the certification program.
  3.     Achieving the presence of your hotel as a "green hotel" in international OTA's.
  4.     Control and updating the sustainability files and records.
  5.     Reporting the actions that the hotel should take related to new criteria.
  6.     Help during the field audit.
  7.     The preparation of the virtual audit.
  8.     Provide information and advice on energy savings and use of renewable technologies.
  9.     Advise on buying sustainable products.
  10.     Guiding "green team members."