Green_KeyGreen Key is an international eco-label for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure industry and business markets. Companies with a Green Key label do everything possible to save the environment without having to compromise their guests comfort and quality. They go a step beyond the normal laws and require regulations.

Accommodations with a Green Key meet strict standards in terms of sustainability, the environment and CSR. These standards focus on internal and external communications, sustainability in the management of the company, use of energy, gas and water, waste management, transportation, food & beverage, maintenance and sustainable procurement etc.

Mandatory and optional standards

All companies must comply with all mandatory standards and a number of optional standards. The compulsory basic environmental standards, such as recording and saving of gas, water and electricity and reducing the amount of (residual) waste. The optional standards go a step further. This includes measures such as the use of renewable energy, the use of soap dispensers, or wastewater treatment to mention some of them.

The standards are set and meet international standards of Green Key which are determined by the Executive Board of FEE and the International Steering Committee Green Key.

Reviewing standards

The standards are revised every three years. If the standards are revised, the participants will have one year to meet the new standards and requirements.