1. Review the information of the international certifications that Green Partner provides.
  2. Define your scope considering: time you want to invest, budget, marketing strategy etc.
  3. Arrange a meeting with Green Partner to define the certification that fits your hotel best.
  4. Register your hotel as participant of the selected certification program.
  5. The certification process: pre-evaluation and baseline measurement, implementation of improvements and changes, training and action in your hotel to achieve the green certification. We can guide you, through our services, through the entire certification process.
  6. Audit: the hotel will be certified once it passes the audit.
  7. Official use of the awarded green certification (e.g. use of logo on website, hotel entrance, printed documents, corporate image).
  8. Maintenance of the green certification.

A certification program provides hoteliers the opportunity to have their hotel rated and labeled based on predetermined environmental practices and policies. Green certification is a tool that hoteliers may use to distinguish themselves from others, save operations cost, improve guest's experience, generate marketing opportunities and enhance corporate & brand image. Green certification also helps consumers identify green hotels, and the practices they incorporate.

Costs are always a driving factor and reducing operating costs is always a challenge for hoteliers. Cost reduction and efficiency strategies can be achieved by investing in better operational procedures and emerging environmental technologies. A green certification pushes hotels to implement a variety of strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, include sustainable procurement, apply energy and water management and staff training programs, which can facilitate improved performance and higher levels of employee satisfaction/retention.

Investments in environmental technologies can have a positive, effective and direct impact on your guests. It is very important to understand the needs and desires of your guests and the specific factors that they seek to decide on a hotel, either: lighting, furniture, cleaning products, information provided, professional staff and other products & services. A green certification ensures guests a standard in sustainability, improving the experience at your hotel and witnessing your sustainability initiatives. The guest satisfaction can be seen reflected in occupancy and ADR of your hotel.

A green certification as a distinguishing factor for a hotel opens up opportunities to market the hotel to a different type of traveler. As the hotel market becomes increasingly competitive, management must not only try to differentiate its product, but also try to attract new and different segments of the traveling population. Incorporating green practices into existing operations, enables specific targeted marketing strategies.

Being a green hotel is good business, for this reason hotel brands have incorporated certification programs into their brand definition. Several brands have been repositioned to cater to a younger generation of more environmentally and socially active customers. Having sustainable business practices will lead to an enhanced reputation and brand image, which translates to great hotel profits in the long term. A green certification program will push your hotel to be involved in the local community, or provide support to charities. Instead of being seen as a large corporation, the hotel will be seen as a good neighbor and one that cares about and gives back to guests, employees, and the community.