Green Partner is a company created by Hoteliers for Hoteliers. We advise your hotel in the process of obtaining a green certification recognized by the international hotel industry. Our team is professionally trained to help your hotel achieving this goal, covering and anchoring sustainability in all areas of its operations.

Green Partner speaks your language! Since we are hoteliers, and we know very well how a hotel operates and works, we fully understand your needs and limitations. This, combined with a high knowledge of sustainability and auditing, makes sure that we can deliver to your hotel real and effective solutions that endure over time.

Green Partner is one of the few in Europe, and the first company in South America, focused solely and exclusively on green certifications for the hospitality industry.

Our programs were selected based on the best environmental management systems for the hospitality industry, all controlled and recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR) or the European Commission.

In our portfolio we have the following programs leading the hotel market:


Our services:

Which certification? Implementation  -  Training programs  -  Advising on procurement  -   Energy Monitoring  -  Calculation CO2 footprint

Our team consists of hoteliers who are trained and certified by these programs. Thus, they can advise and guide your hotel in order to meet or even exceed the criteria and indicators required by each of the labels of our portfolio.